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You told Tyra Banks that you hated it aback she left America’s Abutting Top Model, and she heard you. Afterwards a one-season hiatus, Banks is aback as America’s Abutting Top Model’s host, boss, and alluring basic mama. She additionally has a few added things on her plate. On a contempo morning aback Banks alleged Vulture by phone, she was about amid watching Bubble Guppies with her son, York, alive on a new book, and planning for her abutting Stanford University course.

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And that’s aloof the short-term. At 44 and as abrupt as she’s consistently been, Banks is advertent how to ability her young, changeable admirers in an alike fresher and bigger way than she does now. The key, she says, is acceptable so bang-up that she doesn’t accept to delay for anyone’s approval anytime again. Banks batten with Vulture about how she feels about aging, how the #MeToo movement has afflicted her, and her dreams above Hollywood and the appearance industry.

Tell me why you left Top Model, and why you came appropriate back. I larboard because I appetite the appearance to abide to be successful. We’ve had so abounding seasons of America’s Abutting Top Model, one of the longest-running antagonism shows in history. And so, as a businesswoman, I’m like, Okay, let me accumulate this going. Let me accumulate this strong. Let me try to footfall abreast and acquisition bodies that can accumulate it air-conditioned accordant for the masses. And so, we did that. But alike from the announcement, it wasn’t accustomed as able-bodied as I would accept admired it to be. And afresh aback the appearance started airing, the social-media apple out there, decidedly Twitter — they’re absolutely adamant — were the aboriginal to say, “We absence you! We absence you!” I knew that would happen. Of course. But afresh it turned kind of to that love-hate. Or that hate-love. Area it’s like, How could you do this? And, I’m gonna unfollow you because you unfollowed me by leaving Top Model. Stuff like that.

Wow.It fabricated me anticipate about the time I spent at Harvard Business School and one of my admired classes with my business professor. His name is Rohit Deshpande. One of the things I abstruse from him was, “Your cast is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.” Acceptation your customer, your viewer, your audience. Whatever your account or artefact you’re affairs or sharing. And so I said, Wow. To me, Top Model is a brand, and it stands on its own and it’s actual strong, and that’s what I was alive for this absolute time, to actualize the legacy. And I accomplished I stepped abroad from this bequest that I’m aggravating to actualize too soon. So his articulation rang in my head. It’s what they say it is. They’re adage that I allegation to be there. So, I came back.

It’s absorbing that you had done 23 seasons, yet you feel like you larboard too soon. Yeah, that’s a continued time! I didn’t feel like I larboard too soon, but they told me that I did, and I said okay. So, let me stick with this cast a little bit longer.

When you watched the Rita Ora season, was there a allotment of you that agreed with the audience? Did you feel like article was missing?Well, I bethink actuality on set aback we were filming the finale, and I did a quick cameo. I did my arena and afresh I absolved off camera, and attractive at my judges, I said, “Bye. You guys handle this decision.” I didn’t let them apperceive I was still there, but I hid abaft a monitor, and I was watching them and I anticipation their activating was really, absolutely good. It wasn’t that bland in the beginning. But that afterpiece — they were flowing, about as if it was edited already by an editor. It was punchy; it was quick; it was snappy, sharp. Sound bites. Constructive criticism, humor, all the things I anticipate make Top Model what it is, and I was like, Wow, they got this. Alike aloof seeing that, I was actual appreciative of what they had done. It’s crazy that the admirers had a altered opinion, I guess. After abounding fights with my partner, Ken Mok, he would alarm me and argument me a brace times a week, absent me to appear back. And we would accept actual active buzz conversations. We’re like ancestors appealing much, so we’re babble at anniversary added over the phone. He’s like, “You’ve got to appear aback to this corruption affair that you created.” And I’m like, “Leave me alone!” But finally, I said, “Yes, I will appear back.”

When did you get the abstraction to carelessness the age limit? You accept a 42-year-old contestant, Erin Green, whom you gave an added aperture to so she could break on the show.The age affair was article I’ve been cerebration about for a while. And Ken was actual aflame aback I brought it up with him. He’s like, “Yes, we’re consistently blame the barriers of what the appearance industry has put up, and we consistently beating them bottomward afore it’s cool.” Division one of America’s Abutting Top Model, I had what we alleged at the time a plus-size girl. Now they’re calling them ample girls. I’ve had transgender girls. All these things that weren’t necessarily air-conditioned or in the boilerplate aback we did it. So, I told him, “Ken, anticipate about the age thing. I accept these archetypal accompany of abundance who, aback I was clay with them, told me they were two years adolescent than me, but now they’re cogent me that they’re ten years earlier than me. Like, that’s crazy.

So, there are two problems there. One is, clay shouldn’t be about the cardinal on your bearing certificate. It should be about your look. And the additional affair is, there’s such a bifold accepted aback it comes to women and men’s adorableness and aging. Some man gets some acrid sideburns, salt-and-pepper sideburns, and crow’s feet, and Ooh, he’s hot. When a woman gets that, it’s advised that she’s accomplished an cessation date. One affair my mother has told me is that as I’ve gotten older, she feels like I’m added beautiful. She says, “You’re way better-looking than you were aback you were a supermodel, Tyra.” With America’s Abutting Top Model, I set that age absolute with my aggregation aback in the day. It was 18 because we allegation you to be acknowledged to alive in a house. But we capped it at 27. And alike afresh I had model-agency accompany cogent me that 27 was crazy, and they’d never appoint a babe that was 27. Now, I’m like, what’s next? I don’t apperceive what it is, but I’ll amount it out.

You’ve consistently been atrociously honest about yourself, and you aloof said your mom feels like you’re added admirable than anytime — how are you administration aging? Um, you know, twofold. I’m advantageous that I genetically do attending a lot adolescent than my number. I apperceive that. I attending in the mirror and I see that. And I anticipate I’m actual advantageous to accept a mother who embraces age. So I didn’t accept a mom adage that accepting earlier was bad or her gray beard is bad. My mom has gray hair, and she rocks it and she’s appreciative of it. Growing up and admirers that every distinct day, that my mom feels alike added admirable than she was aback she was adolescent … I mean, she wishes her anatomy was a little added in shape, but I anticipate it’s all about role models. And I accept that. So with Top Model and me alteration the age limit, I’m aggravating to be the role archetypal to the apple that my mom was to me aback it came to age.

Does any allotment of it alarm you?The affair that scares me is immobility, or how accepting injuries can one day accomplish you airing a lot slower and not be as nimble. But, like, no. I absolutely attending advanced to actuality earlier and accomplishing an account with you and actuality able to say way added than I’m adage now. Because age gives you that license, like that Betty White, to aloof say whatever the hell you appetite to say. And I so attending advanced to that. I additionally attending advanced to not accepting to column all these moments on amusing media and actuality like, Ooh, I bethink those canicule aback I was snappin’ and chattin’ and ‘grammin’. So those are two things I attending advanced to: adage whatever the hell I appetite to say and not absolutely accepting to be on amusing media. I adulation amusing media, but it’s tiring.

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Are you adage that you absolutely authority aback now? Oh my god! Can you accept it? I’m crazy, right? And I say so much. Like, my arranger is like, you’re so quotable. I’m like, I apperceive cuz I’m crazy. But yeah, I absolutely authority back, still. There’s so abundant more. And it’s not like a celebrity tell-all blazon of thing. It’s aloof adage whatever the hell comes in my head. And that’s gonna appear at 60 years old.

In the aftermost brace of years, there’s been a chat in Hollywood about giving women and bodies of blush added opportunities to be in charge, to direct, to actualize shows, and a lot of it is due to bodies like Ava DuVernay and Jill Soloway, who are authoritative abiding the opportunities go to women and bodies of color. What’s absorbing about you is that you’ve been accomplishing it all for a continued time now — in advanced of the camera, abaft the camera. How do you appearance the industry these days, aback for you, it’s been a altered experience?You’re right, I accept been a bang-up of a brand, of a program, and a co-boss with my partner, Ken. So I’ve taken a lot of that for granted, of accepting that befalling at a actual adolescent age, aback I was in my 20s, creating a television appearance and somebody adage yes. Unfortunately, it’s all about somebody saying, Yes, I’m activity to accord you that opportunity. So, yes, I do feel like I accept the befalling to be a boss. However, I feel like the akin of accurate bossdom is not accepting to ask addition to say yes. And that is the abutting appearance of my claimed career and brand. I appetite to get to area there’s basic and there are things I accept admission to and I don’t accept to get a yes.

Still, it does feel absolutely acceptable and I’m so blessed I’m seeing women like Ava DuVernay. She’s a force to be reckoned with. Shonda Rhimes. The account goes on and on. What I want, in the appearance industry, are girls of blush and plus-size and petite-size and all of this. I appetite it all to be accustomed and boring. And the aforementioned affair goes for women in Hollywood with power. We aloof appetite the abstraction of them actuality changeable and actuality administration to be arid and normal.

I accept it was a woman who said yes to you for Top Model? Dawn Ostroff, right?You’re good, girl! Yeah, it was a woman that said yes to me! And she corruption abreast said it about in the room. I got in a car afterwards casting and got a buzz alarm area she had said yes.

I don’t apperceive if you read Ellen Pompeo’s interview in The Hollywood Reporter.I did apprehend it, yes! That was so boss. I was like, so that was B-A-W-S-E. She was a BAWSE! I was so appreciative of her.

It additionally fabricated me absolutely mad to apprehend aggregate she’s gone through to get there. She’s the brilliant of that show!She’s the brilliant of that show. But a lot of time with gain, there’s the pain, you know? And I adulation that she aloof didn’t say, “Oh, this is what I’m making.” But she told that adventure so bodies accept the aisle and how to carbon that.

These aftermost few months accept been adamantine and eye-opening, with the #MeToo movement and women assuredly actuality heard on a cardinal of difficult and aching issues. How accept you been activity as all of this has evolved? It can be empowering, but additionally acutely disappointing.I mean, apparently both of those. You know, admirers these belief of women adversity in blackout makes me sad. But admirers them actuality heard and believed and seeing such change appear so fast makes me rejoice inside. I aloof appetite to accomplish abiding this is not a trend and that this is article that is not aloof sustainable, but continues to grow.

Yeah, because you’re already admirers some of the backlash. Are we activity too far? Alike some women are allurement that.I aloof achievement the assets in the posts and in the jobs and in the opportunities that we are accepting in this moment is not aloof a moment. Because that can happen. And there’s a crisis of that happening.

Why aren’t we admirers about animal aggravation or corruption in the appearance industry? Oh, there are stories. It’s aloof not as abundant as Hollywood. But they’re absolutely out there. One of the affidavit you ability not be admirers the allowance adventure in appearance is because women accomplish a lot added than men in agreement of appearance models. They accomplish ten times as abundant as a macho archetypal on a set that day. So it’s one of the attenuate businesses area women outearn men. But in agreement of harassment, those belief are advancing out.

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Did you anytime accept any acquaintance with abode aggravation or any of the added kinds of abuses we’re admirers about? You apperceive what? I was lucky. I did not. I do not apperceive why, and I absolutely do not accept why I did not acquaintance that. Because I would go on a go-see, what we alarm an audition, and it would be fine. The columnist would attending at my portfolio, and afresh an hour later, addition archetypal would accept gone in the aforementioned allowance with that columnist and he did article or approved article or said something. So, sometimes it’s aloof luck that happens. But I was acquainted of assertive belief that models said, best definitely.

People acquainted like they aloof had to accumulate quiet and go forth with it to abide to work.Yeah, girls would say, “Ooh, break abroad from him.” You would canyon forth the story. It aloof was an anatomic hazard. But it was still aloof allotment of your occupation.

Has annihilation you’ve heard apropos the #MeToo movement alone afflicted you or stood out on a claimed level? What has stood out, and I’m abiding there are a lot of women in ball that feel the aforementioned way, is that a lot of the bodies that accept been accused, I alone know. They’re not super-close accompany or we don’t allocution on the buzz or annihilation like that, but I’ve formed with them, or we accept accompany that are friends. So, that is weird, I guess, the “six degrees of separation” blazon of thing. I mean, it’s beneath than six. And so that is a bit alarming for me. Admiring addition is a accomplished altered affair from alive someone. That’s the allotment area like, whoa, that takes it alike deeper. Added pain.

You were on BUILD Series afresh and there was this abundant catechism that one of the women in the admirers asked, about whether you anticipation the appearance industry was absolutely liberal, aback it is so astern in abounding means aback it comes to women, bodies of color, gays. Yes, I said they are in their political beliefs, but not necessarily in the way they handle their business.

How do you accommodate those things? If those in allegation accept advanced beliefs, what needs to appear for the industry to feel as advanced or progressive? For women to accept the aforementioned opportunities, for example? I can say added about the appearance business because that’s my forte. In the Hollywood world, I’m affectionate of in my little bubble. I adore a big majority of bodies in the appearance industry for actuality so politically inclusive. And aback it comes to alike gender identity, they are on the beginning of that and accept been my role models aback it comes to how I see the world. And on America’s Abutting Top Model, putting on Mr. and Absence Jay, and with so abounding altered things, I’ve abstruse and been aggressive by the appearance industry. It’s aloof that aback it comes to the hiring of models, it gets a little weird. And in today’s day, they can’t accomplish the alibi to say article doesn’t advertise because a assertive archetypal is cutting it, because a atramentous babe is cutting it. There are statistics that appearance the spending ability of African-Americans, and afresh seeing adumbration of themselves, which makes them bifold bottomward on spending.

So, I don’t absolutely apperceive what that alibi is, of why the advanced leanings stop there. I candidly don’t know. I’m not in their active for that, but I do feel that the added we allege and the added appearance is not aloof about art, but absolutely connects to business and spending and business … money talks. And I feel like that is activity to accomplish a lot added change than aloof some appearance editor acceptable added open-minded.

You’ve been talking about these things on Top Model for a continued time. Top Model is added affecting on society, not the appearance industry. It’s a appearance that alcove the masses, and my letters about accretion the analogue of adorableness and adorableness not actuality a cookie-cutter and all of that, I anticipate that abundantly afflicted the apple and adolescent women’s appearance of themselves and their reflections. But my primary ambition for Top Model was to affect bodies and achievement that the appearance industry followed suit. I did not set out to say, “Oh, these bodies are absolutely alteration their hiring practices because of Top Model.” But I do anticipate some of that has happened. I do anticipate that us actuality a absoluteness appearance and actuality all about the masses and the apple attractive at these models and saying, “I like her because of her personality or because of that,” afflicted social-media models and their success. I believe Top Archetypal accomplishing these crazy appearance shows that bodies acclimated to attending at aback in the day and say, “What? They’re in Spain in some blazon of cave, and they accept models attractive like ghosts with these awe-inspiring high-fashion bells dresses, agreeable like someone’s block them?” Now, designers about the apple are accomplishing these types of appearance shows that bodies acclimated to beam at on Top Model. So I do feel like there’s a lot of influence, but there’s still a lot added to go, a lot added change to happen.

It’s a acceptable affair you’re aback then. I achievement so! I absolutely capital to accompany the affection aback to Top Model. We do bazaar analysis and one affair the admirers were adage was they acquainted like it didn’t accept as abundant affection aftermost season. I capital to accompany aback that aboriginal affection and adulation — it’s still boxy love. I’m still that ballet abecedary that believes in you, and is activity to acquaint you to do ten more pas de bourrée. I’m still that able coach to get you to be the best and be accessible to face the sharks aback you leave this competition. But at the aforementioned time, there’s a big-sister or affectionate adulation that I brought back.

You accept that accustomed addiction to action acumen and advice, which we additionally see on America’s Got Talent when you get complex with the people, abnormally aback they’re actuality rejected. But AGT is live. How did you like alive in that environment?Everybody was like, “Oh my god, alive TV. How are you activity to handle it? Oh my gosh.” That is so accessible to me. I can do it with my eyes closed. There was one adventure area aggregate aloof kept activity amiss — some abracadabra ambush didn’t work, some lighting didn’t assignment for one of the guests, one of the acts, their lights didn’t work. And I accept no problem. I’m attractive at article crazy appear and I am badinage on the teleprompter and adage what the abutting act is and giving my assessment about something. Hosting and actuality a agitator of a TV appearance or article alive aloof comes actual accustomed to me. Now, acting and abstraction curve is not my nature. I accept to assignment ten times harder than an extra on a set to acquire curve and to chase what addition abroad is cogent me to say.

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On that note, accept you started filming yet on Disney’s Life-Size sequel? No, but I accept a new calligraphy in my in-box that I haven’t opened yet. I’m alive on addition activity appropriate now and I’m aggravating to get that done afore I accessible this new adaptation of this calligraphy to accord addendum on it. But it will be a holiday-2018 movie, Life-Size.

Are you autograph addition book? Yeah, I’m autograph addition book. It’s a little secret, but I’m writing. Maybe we’ll hit you up. I anticipate you’re activity to absolutely like it. It’s actual special.

Can you acquaint me what blazon of book it is?Nothing, nothing.

We haven’t talked about motherhood yet, which is one of the better genitalia of your activity appropriate now. How is babyish York, and what has been the best hasty affair about motherhood so far?He is 2, and he is talking, talking, talking. He can calculation to 20 in English. He can calculation to ten in Spanish. It’s awe-inspiring because my mom and I beam at him all the time because he is me, but a boy. His animality is how I looked aback I was his age. It’s crazy.

A funny thing. Aback I’m on TV, he says, “Mommy! Mommy!” And afresh he goes, “No, about-face it off, Mommy. I don’t appetite to see you on TV. I don’t wanna see it. About-face it off.” It’s aloof too abundant for him or something.

What do you anticipate you’re the best at aback it comes to actuality a mom?I’m acceptable at acclimation screens, acceptation media, with breach after screens. Some parents are like, “I’m not gonna do any screens at all,” and I’m like, “Child, I like my TV.” So York is gonna watch some TV, but we accomplish abiding that as abundant as he’s fiending for it — “Mommy, please, please! Mommy, Bubble Guppies, Bubble Guppies. Mommy, Babyish Signing Time, Terrific Trucks and Tayo. Mommy, Mommy!” — I accord it to him and afresh I’m like, “Okay, now we accept to comedy with Mommy on the floor.” It’s harder for me as mom to accept to comedy with him — I can aloof calmly about-face on the TV and accept it be a aide — but that’s not my interest. Decidedly because I’m a alive mom and allegation to accomplish abiding that the times that I’m with him are actual precious.

Are you still absorbed in accepting a allocution show?I’m absorbed in sitting on somebody’s couch and actuality interviewed. [Laughs.] No. You know, it’s so funny. I ambition that I could amount out a way to accept the appulse that I had with The Tyra Show back in the day, after that schedule. But it’s a aching schedule. I’m activity to try to amount that out. I accept some account that I’m alive on for how to be able to still bear letters and boost people, decidedly adolescent women, after accomplishing a allocution show.

You do so abundant already on amusing media. Yeah, but amusing is aloof like duh, duh, duh. I absolutely wanna accept added of a bound admirers and affix and advice bodies get through difficult times, inner-beauty issues, outer-beauty issues, all of that. I aloof appetite to be that alarm for them again. So, I’m alive on that. Hopefully, in 2019.

You’re additionally teaching branding at Stanford. I apprehend the chic description, and I capital to booty it.Yeah, I’m activity to be accomplishing my additional appellation teaching at Stanford Business School, claimed branding. I cannot wait. I adulation my acceptance and adulation teaching that class. The acceptance accept to accord you feedback. Like, you accept to leave the allowance and afresh they accept these questionnaires, and they accept to be absolutely honest. And my co-teacher and I got actual aerial marks, and I was actual affected that the acquaint meant so abundant to them. Alike now, they’ll ability out to me and acquaint me the things they’re accomplishing based on my teachings, and that is the best affair in the world. I apperceive I appetite to do a lot added teaching as the years go by. Appropriate now, my advance is a two-week course. But I do feel like it’s a lot of advice in two weeks, and in years to come, conceivably I’ll be calling up the Stanford Business School administrator and saying, “Let’s aggrandize this chic to a month. Now, let’s aggrandize it to two months. Okay, maybe now it’s a accomplished semester.” We’ll see.

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Is that your future? Is that what you dream about?Yeah! I adulation teaching, and Top Model is teaching in a way. Entertaining teaching, but it’s like edutainment. And it gives me the best pleasure, whether it’s sitting at a board and teaching my girls at Top Model or sitting at a banquet table with advancing models. It gives me a lot of pleasure. A lot.

Before we finish, I capital to ask about your acquaintance of 2017. A lot of bodies acquainted like it was a barbarous year. Was it for you, and if it was, how did you cope? Yeah, there were a lot of things in 2017 that were actual painful, that acquainted like you were walking backward. You know, my absolute career was consistently about aggravating to access the appearance bottle beam and the black-woman bottle beam and black-model bottle ceiling. There were so abounding altered things that my career was focused on, and with a lot of success. So sometimes I would get absolutely sad and aloof say, Wow, all the adamantine assignment that I’ve done, all the adamantine assignment that my colleagues accept done, all the adamantine assignment that my antecedents accept done, from Iman to Beverly Johnson to Martin Luther King to Coretta Scott King to Rosa Parks. It goes on and on, from appearance to aloof accepted civilian rights. I would get sad. But now I feel empowered, and I feel that whenever there’s article that’s really, absolutely bad, what tends to appear is bodies get really, absolutely affronted and things become very, actual acceptable with a lot of hard, adamantine work. So I do see that the alarm will beat in a absolute administration area the apple is abounding of love. Bodies are so athirst for it. I mean, aback Oprah gave her Golden Globes speech, the acknowledgment was so able because bodies are hungry, and she fed us the best beautiful, allotment sandwich ever. Like, yes! This is what we need. We allegation to feel uplifted. We allegation to feel achievement aback so abounding bodies feel hopeless and there’s so abundant hate. But I do feel that the course will change in 2018, and by 2019, ’20, we’ll accept a accomplished new world. I accept that.

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